Practice makes perfect.

The people at E-Squared have years of experience that they put to use for you. We are seriously detail-obsessed. From researching and fact checking to ensuring the exact shade of the color red on a page in the final proof, our team will see your project through from concept to delivery. We write, we edit, we design, we project-manage. We make sure everything is done just so, so you don’t have to worry.


Emily Esterson

Emily Esterson, Editor-in-Chief

Emily Esterson, the two “E”s in E-Squared, has been creating publications since the late 1980s, back when typesetters delivered rolls of copy and editors’ tools were rubber cement and Exacto knives. As the Editor-in-Chief of E-Squared, Emily manages projects, writes articles, edits all copy and serves as quality control for client projects. She has been a writer and editor for 30 years and has worked on all manner of publications, from oil company annual reports to community newspapers to national magazines.

Glenna Stocks

Glenna Stocks

Glenna Stocks, Design Guru

Emily and Glenna have been working on publications together for more than ten years. Glenna can take the vaguest client concept and turn it into a cherished publication. She has varied experience, working on art magazines, horse magazines, websites and logos, advertising and editorial layout. Glenna turns out eye-catching, reader-focused designs, thanks to her unique and modern design sensibility.