New Year, New Goals, New Bread.

If you know me, you'd know that my life revolves around three things: Horses, baking, and writing. Sometimes I write about horses. Sometimes I write about baking. And sometimes (although not as often) I write about writing, and sometimes I write about riding, writing, and baking if I'm feeling particularly verbose and philosophical. I am

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Of Ho-Hos and Sticky Buns

My husband, aka #1 Emily’s Bread Fan, aka “Better Burque,” ate the second to last sticky bun (I ate the last one). It wasn’t my most successful bake. The formulas I use are just that—formulas, not recipes, allowing you to modify as seen fit. In the case of the sticky buns, I did not follow

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Bake on through to the other side

I’ve rarely experienced writer’s block. I know the trick of just free-writing whatever comes into your head to break through the brain noise preventing me from getting the words to flow. Nonetheless, I am also fully aware that most of my first-pass writing sucks and that’s just part of the process, and my creative work,

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