Contract publishing project for the Masters of Foxhounds Association. Click on the image to visit the publication.

From Idea to Print: Magazines, Annual Reports, Visitors’ Guides, Oh My!

We believe that print magazines are crucial tools for organizations. They give you the opportunity to send your message, to entertain, to engage with your constituents in a lasting and tangible way. But magazines can be painful for staff to produce and manage.

Creating a compelling magazine requires special skills and an efficient process; only then can a truly useful and engaging publication emerge from all the copy, photos, distribution, sales, and a thousand other little details. E-Squared knows process, and has a strong team of professionals that adhere to deadlines, have an organized method for managing content and art direction, and understand how to bid a print job. We can do all that, and do it with creativity and class, so your audience will love the publication.

Emily Esterson, principal of E-Squared, is a consummate professional in the publishing world, with sharp business acumen and a deep knowledge of publishing. She also has an uncanny ability to grasp the nuances of specialty fields/organizations¬†that have critical audiences. She is a quick study, learning a project’s tone and content, and is able to communicate that to her team to produce top publications.

With this leadership and teamwork, E-Squared can take your project from concept to publication swiftly and professionally. Hand-in-hand, we walk you through the sometimes-stressful publishing process with calm professionalism. At each step, we have systems in place to ensure the finished product educates, entertains and engages your audience.

Custom publishing areas of specialization

  • Museums and museum foundations
  • B2B trade associations (dental, medical and veterinary)
  • Equestrian Associations/Businesses